Help for Haiti

On the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Pope Benedict XVI issued a statement calling for and pledging help in the ongoing recovery effort. (Find the pope's statement and John Allen's story here.)

The pope also named Bishop Guire Poulard of Les Cayes, Haiti as the new Archbishop of Port-au-Prince, successor to Archbishop Serge Milot who died in the earthquake a year ago.

Over the last couple of years some readers have suggested that I "monetize" this blog, placing ads which would provide me some income from this work.  I've always turned down the idea of doing so.  The joy I find in writing this page and the feedback I receive on the service it provides have been and continue to be more than sufficient reward for my investment of time and effort.

But I've been considering giving my readers an opportunity to offer something in return for what they find here and this first anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti and the pope's plea have moved me to act.

You'll find at the top of the sidebar the logo of the Saint Boniface Haiti Foundation (SBHF) and you'll find a brief history of the Foundation here.

Charity Navigator, America's premier independent charity evaluator, gives SBHF its highest rating: four stars.  You'll find Charity Navigator's evaluation of SBHF here.  I trust you'll find the Foundation's revenue/expenses charts both impressive and reassuring.   

Charity Navigator also offers a helpful general report on the status of charitable donations to Haiti earthquake relief.

Finally, I offer my own full recommendation of the work SBHF.  Under their auspices I have traveled to Haiti several times and have seen first hand the amazing work the Foundation has accomplished and sustains in the most difficult of circumstances, in this poorest of all the nations on this side of the world.

(Be sure to read this story of how SBHF, at its hospital in Fond des Blancs, has been caring for and giving promise of a future to earthquake victims with spinal cord injuries!)

When you click on the SBHF logo on the sidebar, you'll see a DONATE NOW button.  If you find this blog helpful to your spiritual life you can indicate your gratitude by making a donation to the Saint Boniface Haiti Foundation.  In advance, I thank you for your generosity.

(FTR: donations you make are processed entirely by SBHF: I receive no report of, nor compensation from, such transactions.)

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  1. I have been wanting to tell you for some time how much reading your blog helps me. I have it listed on my own blog and try to remember to have my readers go to yours as it is so helpful to have your commentaries on whatever is happening, the different commentaries for the Sunday liturgy, the Sacred Heart Novena, and your Monday morning offering. I am most grateful for all that you share with us. Helen Rosenthal, rscj


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