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Warmth by Timothy Schmaltz

Time was when Epiphany was the 12th day of Christmas (January 6) but in the United Sates it is now transferred to the Sunday between January 2 and January 8. The Christmas season ends with the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, celebrated this year on January 9.

We know little of the childhood of Jesus after the the shepherds have returned to their fields and the magi have gone home "by another route."  But certainly we know that Jesus' mother, Mary, cared and cuddled and cooed to her infant son as would any loving mother.

The sculpture above is the work of Canadian sculptor, Timothy P. Schmaltz and it is titled, simply, Warmth. The work provides a beautiful image for us to contemplate in these last days of the season...

The folds of Mary's garment shape a shelter in which she and her child huddle. 

Prayer is like that: a shelter for huddling with the Lord...

It's not difficult to imagine Mary cuddling her son just as we see here. 

What a gift to be able share the warmth of one's body 
with the one whose heart would burn with love for all his brothers and sisters.

The Christmas season is a good time to remember how God, like a mother, 
holds each of us to the breast, warming and shaping us 
to the contours of those divine arms that treasure and hold us safe in love...

Hail Mary...

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