A happy exchange

When I posted my homily for this past Sunday I was pleased to include Bernie Rosage's painting, Salt and Light.  In addition to giving me permission to use his work, Bernie, on his page, was kind enough to draw attention to my post with a link to Concord Pastor and a warm invitation for his readers to visit here.

I'm happy to return the favor and invite you to visit and subscribe to Bernie's page, Artistic Release.

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  1. I'm feeling guilty now as I used his image and gave the reference to his page with his quotes on my Sunday post but didn't seek his permission.


  2. I often do just as you did, Phil: credit the source and link to the page. But when the source's work is
    also his/her business - and especially if there's a copyright notice - I ask permission. I find that most artists are pleased to grant permission because using their work gives them exposure and a certain amount of advertising.


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