Monday Morning Offering - 133

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I come to you grateful for all
the good and holy ones whose paths
cross mine and help me find my way...

I come with thanks for all the ways
so many share their lives with me
and bless me every day…

I give you thanks for helping hands,
strong shoulders, open minds,
and hearts in tune with mine…

I thank you for the peace that’s mine
from others, shared, with plenty left
for those who need what I have found…

I thank you for the patient ones
who give and bide their time with me
and slow my harried, hurried steps…

And thanks for those who help me place,
with wisdom far beyond my ken,
the puzzled pieces of my life…

I praise you for the gracious ways
you draw us into one another’s lives
and bind our needs and gifts as one…

As I am blessed by others’ gifts
let my gifts, too, a blessing be
in thanks for all that I’ve received…

This prayer I offer gratefully
this morning, Lord, this day, this night
and through the week ahead…


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1 comment:

  1. this is very beautiful-
    thank you.

    this evening, I come to you, God, and to you all, grateful for this day- with all of its challenges-
    grateful for others whose paths crossed mine, and for the bits of conversation that we shared- those valuable bits...
    each one different, but each with something to offer-
    I am grateful that my mind and my heart was open enough to accept and learn from these experiences-


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