Monday Morning Offering - 134

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I meet so many folks who are trying, Lord:
trying to stay on the right path,
trying to take a step in a new direction…

trying to begin something, 
or begin again,
even a simple something
and yet, so very hard to do…

trying to make a right decision,
to do the right thing…

trying to believe,
to trust:
in themselves,
in others,
in you…

trying again
when they’ve tried so many times before
and are tired of trying -
yet trying to try again…

I meet so many folks who are trying, Lord...

So, I offer you this morning
all the efforts of all of us who try:
who try to know, love and serve you
in all we do…

I offer you our good intentions, Lord:
forgive our false starts,
give us fresh starts
and the hope we need to try,
to begin,

I offer you our earnest desires
and ask, Lord, that you keep us honest:
show us how we so easily con ourselves
and remind us that to be honest with ourselves
is to be honest with you…

I offer you all our redoubled efforts, Lord,
and pray you redouble the grace
that is yours to give,
the grace we so much need,
the grace that is ours for the asking…

I offer you our desire, Lord,
to choose what is true, good, healthy and pure
and when we settle for less
give us the desire to desire more:
more of what is good, good for us
and good for our life with you and with others…

I offer you our need, Lord,
for you to deepen our trust,
refresh our hope,
renew our strength
and give us the will
to live one day at a time…

Be patient with us, Lord,
and give us patience with each other
as each of us tries
and tries again
to live according to your will and Word,
this Monday morning
and every day and night this week.


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  1. Goodmorning sir. It was well worth the wait!

  2. What a beautiful poem. I had read it before and thought that I commented, but maybe I did not hit the button before turning off the computer. This touches me in a way that is so deep. I will keep this to read again in the future.

    You have such a talent with words and poetry. I really think that you should publish these in a book. I would definately buy it for myself and others. As it is I have copied several that have touched me and keep them on my phone so that I can always access them whenever or whereever they are. Maybe you could make your own app. What do you think of that?



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