Wisdom: mysterious, hidden, not of this age...

Image: Foundations

In need of a little wisdom?  More than a little is to be found in this weekend's scriptures for the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

You'll find this Sunday's readings and commentary on them along with hints for helping children to prepare to hear the Lord's Word  --   all at this earlier post.

Be wise and read through these scriptures - the Lord has something to say to each of us...

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  1. "Where is the wisdom we have lost in the knowledge?" WOW! That statement alone is worth a day's worth of prayer, refection and meditation! Thank you!

  2. It struck me in the same way when I first saw it, Andie. These are words worth weighing...

  3. I agree-

    I could get lost within myself- in my own thoughts, feelings and emotions- thinking about this statement.

    I think it is very true, so very true-
    I think one little way I was thinking about it was how we get so wrapped up and even trapped with the facts, and our own unique opinions and personal experiences that could be very valuable, goes unnoticed- by ourselves and others-
    because we have become closed or narrow-minded (most likely un-consciously or sub-consciously).


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