Monday Morning Offering - 139

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On most days of Lent, we'll turn to the Psalms as our source for prayer but on Mondays, to the regular Morning Offering and on Saturdays, to a Marian litany...

Good morning, good God!

I come to you with an offering of
eleven days...

It's just about eleven days between sunrise this morning
and the end of Lent at sundown on Holy Thursday...

Eleven days, Lord, that's what I have to offer -
but with my offering comes a plea:
help me make more of these 11 days
than I have of Lent's first twenty-nine...

Send your Spirit to move me to prayer:
to find the time for prayer,
to find a quiet place for prayer,
a time and a place to sit down with you, Lord,
to talk, to share, to listen,
to draw closer to your heart
and open my own heart more fully to you...

Send your Spirit, Lord, to help me fast:
to find ways of emptying my body, my belly,
my mind, my imagination and my pockets...
Help me empty them of:
what I have too much of,
what I want but don't need,
what's not good or healthy or helpful for me,
of possessions that, in fact, own me...
Help me know a hunger from within
and crave to have it filled by you,
your peace, your presence, your love...

Send your Spirit, Lord, to move me to mercy:
mercy in my words, mercy in my thoughts,
mercy in my deeds, mercy in my stubborn heart,
mercy in my attitude, mercy in my gratitude,
mercy in my giving, mercy in my helping,
generous mercy in my alms giving
in this season of your mercy --
your beautiful, boundless, bountiful mercy for all,
your mercy for me, a sinner...

I offer you these last eleven days of Lent, Lord,
and pray for your help to make of them
a time of grace and growth:
a retreat into your Word, your presence and your call
to prepare to celebrate the joy, the peace of Easter...

Make me graciously mindful, Lord,
of all who cross my path these days:
make us companions on one journey,
tracing the way of the Cross
and making our way to the empty tomb,
our hearts filled with your peace...

Such is my prayer this morning, Lord, and this night
and for the next eleven days...


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