Monday Morning Offering - 142

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Were you waiting 'til Easter
to paint this corner of creation
from your springtime palate of April-May hues,
backdropped by trees budding green, brushing 
up to leafy beauty lining arbored streets 
and hiding deep in hidden woods?

Every day's revealing 
just a little more
of what you have in store
as the season wakes, 
stirs, stretches, flexes
and wraps us in your warmth...

O God, I have longed this year
for this week, these days,
these blossoms,
your life's
rising sweetly,
coursing through me
and all around me...

I offer you my thanks
for everything springing to life
and for the promise
of warm, bright days
long enough to stay the moon
until the moon's light, too,
is a welcome end, a nightlight 
for sleeping a summer's eve...

Draw me into this season of your grace,
and nurture your life rising in my heart and limbs,
my mind and soul...

Refresh and renew me, Lord, as you do your world,
and in your kindness let who I am and what I do
be a source of new life
for those whose paths cross mine
this day, this night, this week...


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  1. this is the first monday in awhile (forever?) when I did not read your Monday Morning Offering first thing in the morning...
    so I am a "little" late...
    but, your words help me and some more deeply than others...

    thank you.

  2. This may sound kind of strange, but it feels very strange, so I wanted to share this-

    I feel that I am even more in need today than yesterday of helpful words...
    tonight I remembered that I felt helped by reading your MMO last night, but when I just read it again, I was very confused and even disappointed-
    disappointed, not in your words, but in how I feel- or do not feel-
    it almost feels that I am reading a completely different thing from last night- I know, strange-
    it's like I so needed to read something that I needed so much, that I DID read it, even if it wasn't really there.
    I'm afraid this is coming out even stranger than I thought it would...

    (but still thank you)


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