Monday Morning Offering - 148

Image: George Mendoza

(Reposted from the early days of MMO)

Good morning, good God!

There are times, Lord,
when we think we don't now how to pray,
when we can't find the words to say,
when we wonder if we pray "the right way..."

How did we become so misinformed
about something so important, Lord?

When did we begin to think of prayer
as a rare gift? a specialized skill?
an art we haven't mastered?

How did we come to forget that every
thought, sigh, hope, cry, word of ours
sounds in your ear and touches your heart
as soon and as surely as any saint's
pure and perfect prayer?

Help us believe, Lord,
that simply sitting in your presence,
... in silence...
is a prayer whose eloquence delights you...

Our very desire to pray, Lord,
is a sign you're already with us,
nudging our hearts to trust that you're near...

You invite us to voice our joys and hopes,
to vent our hurts and sorrows -
all of them known to you long before
we even thought to pray...

Before infants have a word to say,
they pray,
their cooing, mumbling and crying
all sputtering forth their stories
of wonder, hunger, fear, joy and their desire
to be held by parents who hear in every sound
the clear beauty of a prayer that has no words...

Be mother and father to us, Lord,
and hear our prayer,
with or without words...

We offer you this morning
the prayers we sputter from our souls:
prayers that have no words
and prayers that have too many words;
prayers we sob upon your breast
and prayers we sing from happy hearts;
prayers that come from our confusion
but which, in wisdom, you understand so well...

We offer you every thought, sigh,
hope, cry and word of ours
that pleads and pulses from within:
let the beating prayer of our hearts
be heard and held in your heart of hearts
for surely, Lord, that is the right way to pray...

Receive our morning offering, Lord,
and keep us mindful in prayer
of the joys and sorrows, hopes and hurts
of those whose paths cross ours this day...

Good God of Monday mornings,
hear our prayer this day
and every day this week...

Lord, hear us!
Lord graciously hear us!


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