Blogging these days...

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For some weeks now, a good portion of the Catholic blogosphere has been focused on several painful and controversial stories, national and local.  Posts and comboxes have been filled with statements of church teaching, rebuttals, accusations, distortion of facts, sweeping generalizations, personal denunciations, retaliation and name-calling that sometimes borders on the vicious.

The way some folks write when they believe they own the truth can be both destructive and disheartening.  You might think that the truth would embolden those who are convinced that they possess it and yet some will fire their salvos only from the safe bunkers of anonymity.

Zeal for the truth is surely virtuous but to bludgeon our siblings in the faith with one doctrine or another might end in doing more damage to the Body of Christ than the harm we'd hoped to heal and avoid in the first place.

Let's pray for one another that the wisdom of faith be the truth we seek and that, together, we find ways to share it for healing and building up of the Body of Christ.

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Fran said...

Amen! I just sent you an email that touches on this in some way.

Thank you for the wisdom!

Hermit of Bardstown said...

You are right on the money, Father. The rancor is chilling. I have determined to steer clear of any story, discussion, or blog which attempts to bludgeon me.

claire said...

I am surprised any blogger accepts anonymous comments. I do not. I have found them toxic. It is possible to block anonymous comments.

As to knowing the truth, possibly because I stand so much on the margins, I know that my truth is not everyone else's.

I am sorry to hear that the blogosphere is turning so unpleasant.

anne said...

It's troubling during these troubling times that some people believe they have the solutions and absolute truth. I see this coming from all sides,progressives,traditionalists and those in between. Christian charity should come before any defense of any position...Know Christ first.

god googler said...

Amazingly few people will weigh in on your astute words here---so I will honor you by saying "well done, my friend!"

Austin Fleming said...

Thanks, Mike, and all!

Shannon said...

Over the years on the internet, I've learned to curb my insatiable need to respond to everything or to always be right. The more my insides want to reply with bluster and blame, the more I breathe deeply and step away from the keyboard.

I don't jump all over people in my daily work. Why would I do it online?