Monday Morning Offering - 153

Good morning, good God!

Sometimes, Lord,
I feel your little nudges,
prompts and pokes:

I know they come from you
because they nudge me where I need to go,
prompt me towards what I need to do,

and poke me when I must get up,
get out and get moving...

I offer thanks this morning, Lord
for all the ways you press upon my heart
and gently pull me free of fears that bind
and blind me to your joy...

Grace is the word for all your prodding, Lord:
your gift of love, your Spirit keeping,
saving me from all the selfish folly
of my own designs and doings...

Does ever a day pass by
that you don't stir within my soul,
drop hints inside my heart
and move my mind to muse
upon your presence all around?

Is any moment empty
of the whisper of your wisdom
nudging me beyond myself to serve
as I've not served,
to give as I've not given,
to love as I've not thought my heart could love?

The wind of your Spirit
fills the sheets of my soul,
gently guiding me in seas I've never sailed
for fear of shoals I have not known -
while your grace charts my course,
steering me to parts and people new
- and with a purpose all your own...

Poke, push, prompt and prod me, Lord,
to waken to your word calling me
to life more joyful, free and faithful
than all my days thus far...

Open my eyes and ears to those
whose paths cross mine,
who may not yet have felt the gentle press
your grace now places on their hearts...

Good God of Monday morning
and of every starry night,
I praise you for the gift and grace
of every day this week…


(Some readers save a helpful MMO for another time when it might serve well again.  This is an older MMO which I'm sharing again because it's a good prayer for where I am just now with the Lord...)

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Image: George Mendoza

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1 comment:

  1. This may not have been the "nudges, prompts, and pokes" you were thinking of, but at 31 weeks pregnant, there is only one sensation that phrase conjures up for me!

    I wonder what it was like for Mary...


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