Monday Morning Offering: 154

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

A few days ago I watched from my porch
as children on the nearby green chose sides for a game:
“Pick me! Pick me!”
they called to the two captains…

From our earliest days, Lord,
how strong our desire to be chosen

Surely, it’s you who fits the human heart
with this wanting to be wanted,
to be called by name,
selected, singled out,

How very deep in my heart beats this desire
to be desired…

And you’ve made me so
that I might long for you,
might want you, name you, choose you
as my life’s companion,
my soul’s mate,
my faithful friend

Still and often
my desires are conflicted and confused:
I’m misled and lost to someone else,
to something drawing me away,
distracting me from seeing how you love me,
choose me
and will always be there for me...

Take possession of all my heart’s desires, Lord:
tame them, heal them,
shape them, mold them:
lead and guide me through them
to the one for whom
my heart was made,
to you

Take possession of my dreams and desires, Lord:
make pure my heart’s every purpose,
selfless my will's best intentions
and clear the paths that lead to you…

Refresh my heart’s desire
for you and for your love, Lord...

Renew my heart’s longing
to hear you call my name each day...

Restore my trust that I am yours,
chosen to be your own;
that you are faithful to me always,
even when I fall and fail you…

I offer you this morning, Lord,
my heart’s desire to long for you,
and my heart's longing for your desire... 

Open my heart this day, Lord,
to all you choose and call to be your own:
help me love them, faithfully,
even as you love me…

Receive my heart’s offering this morning, Lord,
my desire to be chosen
this day, tonight, and all this week…


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