Wanna go to heaven?

For Fred Astaire, heaven was "out together dancing cheek to cheek!"

What's your image of heaven?

Do you think about heaven? pray about heaven?

You hoping to go there?

How do you get there?

"The kingdom of heaven is like..."

Well, that's how Jesus begins talking about heaven in today's gospel. For this reading and more, see this earlier post.

And get yourself to church on time: directions to heaven are revealed every week!

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1 comment:

  1. I do think about heaven. I do hope to get there; but realistically, I think there'll be some purgatory first!

    When I try to picture heaven, oddly enough, I think of a woman I knew, many years ago, and whom I have not seen in twenty years. I think that heaven would be a very poor and unlovely place without her in it! I don't want to get too wistful here, but the charity which this young woman seemed to embody and to epitomize -- that is my clearest image of heaven!


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