Finding God in the great outdoors

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Although I don't have a cat (and have never lived with one), I know that felines come in two kinds: indoor cats and outdoor cats.

My time on vacation has taught me that I'm something of a human version of an indoor cat.  My life is largely lived indoors.  My work is done mostly indoors. In fact, I generally go outdoors only to get to another indoor location somewhere else.

I don't think this is a good thing and my experience on vacation is confirming this intuition. 

I'm grateful for this time away and for some beautiful weather that's drawing me outdoors, especially to the shore and its sunshine and breezes - all of which can be had in great supply this week.

If I look back to the beginning, I see that it was God who created the outdoors and humankind who, later, fashioned the indoors.  And for many ancient peoples, "indoors" was little more than a tent - with only a woven wall between them and the outdoors.

I guess there's good reason that folks speak of "the great outdoors" and that's because God created it and can so easily be found there...

Kalmus Beach, Hyannis: TeamBrenda

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  1. I too, am an "indoor cat" - even my cats spent more time outdoors than I do! But I will keep your words in mind and try to get out when the weather is fine!!!

  2. Are the blue hydrangeas still in abundance on the Cape?


  3. I can totally relate being inside now on a beautiful day with sparkling sunshine. It's great to be in tune with nature's cycles; sunrise, sunset, stars, wind shifts, warming air of mid day and cool breezes. The fresh air of Cape Cod, as Thoreau would say: you can stand here and put all America behind you. Enjoy every minute.


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