Prayer: Sending positive energy?

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It's not unusual for folks on FaceBook to post news of the difficulties, illness or passing of family members and friends.  We benefit from how quickly we learn of the needs, distress and grief of others and the opportunity to respond immediately.

What's catching my attention is how people respond.

Given the nature of FaceBook, my responses (on a public post) are usually brief, something along the lines of:

Sorry to hear things are so difficult: be assured of my prayers!
Be sure that John, all of you, and those caring for him are in my prayers!
My heart goes out to you in your loss...
Be sure that Mary is in my prayers as she passes from this life to God...

But I notice a variety of other kinds of response on these same posts:

Good thoughts coming your way!
Positive vibes for John and for his speedy return to health!
 Sending you a heartful of sympathy...

Am I mistaken or do such phrases belie a reluctance to offer prayers or to connect the moment's difficulties with the divine?

I don't write to be critical of what others are saying but simply wondering what's coming to speech here and what's behind it.

Is this a politically correct effort not to presume upon the faith of the original poster?  Is it an effort to support without invoking anything religious?  Are these writers folks who no longer believe in God or in prayer but who want to reach out (up?) into that sphere where something good might be had, might be wished, might be passed on?

Again, this isn't a critique - I'm just wondering aloud...

Have you noticed the same?

In fact, I even found a page for those who don't offer prayers on FaceBook!

How about you?

Do you offer your prayers to those in need - and articulate your desire to somehow bring this to the Lord?

In the same way...  When someone posts on FaceBook some news of a happy, joyful event, I often reply with the simple phrase, Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Perhaps even more than in posts about bad news, I see that my faith-based statement sticks out even more, standing apart from other congratulatory phrasing.

And yet, something one often sees on FaceBook is the simple exclamation:  O.M.G.

Go figure!

And, what do you figure here?  How do you respond online to good news and bad news?  And what are your thoughts about promising prayer and praising God on FaceBook?


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