Blessed again by basil!

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While on vacation I posted a prayer on the gift of fresh basil - you'll find it here.

I was out for dinner tonight at the home of parishioners and was delighted to be served a beautiful caprese salad with fresh basil cut from a plant on the kitchen counter!

Praise God from whom all basil blessings grow and flow!

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  1. I'm dreaming big, fresh, juicy, red tomatoes sliced thick, slices of buffalo mozzarella sliced thick, and drizzled with top quality olive oil and sprinkled with torn basil leaves and a sprinkling of sea salt. Nothing more. This is making me hungry for it and its only 7.30 in the morning here !
    I love your poem too. I wish I could learn to savour the full force of the taste of God as I awake to each new day too.


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