Monday Morning Offering - 159 / Labor Day Prayers

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Another Monday morning, Lord,
the first one in September,
Labor Day:
summer’s end, fall’s debut,
a day off from work
for all who have a job…

Grant a day of rest, a Sabbath plus,
to the weary, the overworked,
to those who work two jobs or more,
to those who toil without joy or satisfaction…

And I offer you, Lord,
I lift up to your hands,
those who have no job,
who’ve searched in vain for months,
for years, for work to do
to pay the bills, to make ends meet,
to just get by…

I offer to your mercy, Lord,
those not justly paid
whose rights have no defenders,
whose work sites fail to rise
to any standard decent, clean, humane…

I lift up to your eyes, O Lord,
those who’ve lost themselves in work,
forsaking rest, forgetting family, friends
and joy…

I offer you to your counsel, Lord,
the young who seek good jobs
and older workers suddenly
let go and set adrift…

I lift up in thanksgiving, Lord,
those who work for laborers’ rights,
who toil for those whom others cheat
and use with no regard
for human life and for your Spirit, Lord,
dwelling deep within each worker’s heart…

Refresh the weary laborer, Lord,
and lead the jobless back to work…

Lift up those who work too hard;
refresh the hearts of those
whose working days are done
and chart a path
for those whose work has just begun…

Move the minds and hearts
of those who give employ;
make just and fair the worker’s lot
and safe each place where work is done…

Let my work give you glory, Lord,
and praise,
this day, this week and all my life…


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