Heavy burdens...

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There's still time to sit with this Sunday's scriptures and ponder them before heading out to Mass where these texts will be proclaimed.  For the readings and commentary on them, check out this earlier post.

What are you waiting for?


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  1. am so glad your reminder is posted early on, thank you! Hope you are in the best of everything that really counts :)

  2. We looked, hard, at the Sunday Gospel this morning during our RCIA session. Very productive, good comments from our 4 candidates, and interesting enough, from a woman who came into our meeting at the midpoint. She was looking for an AA meeting - in the building next door - but as she quietly sat there she decided she was enjoying this very interesting discussion and felt she was led there today! She participated right along with everyone else and said she might be back!

  3. When and where and how the Spirit wills, so the Spirit moves!


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