Here's how it's going...

I began this blog on July 18, 2007 with a post titled, Let's see how this goes...

3,315 posts later, the SiteMeter on the sidebar has recorded this page's 500,000th hit.

I find great satisfaction and joy in this venture and I'm grateful for all of you who visit here so often.

In the greater blogosphere these stats aren't remarkable but I never dreamed this blog would last this long or come this far.  It's a good lesson for me (perhaps for you, too) of what a difference taking one step in a new direction can make in our own lives and in the lives of those around us.

Your readership has made a great difference in my life and ministry and for that I thank you.  If visiting here has made a positive difference for you, I'd be grateful if you'd share a link to this page with others who might also benefit from it.

My thanks to Rocco, Deacon Greg and Phil who often link to this page, generously drawing new readers my way!

So, with 500,000 down, let's see how it goes from here...


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  1. I am glad I found this blog. I used to enjoy when you would stop by the old AOL chat rooms and I missed your wit and humor. Being a new blogger myself with only about 1,400 hits I understand your excitement. Well done!

  2. Congratulations!!!

    Your blog has been very meaningful for so many people. Keep up the wonderful mix you have.


  3. What a great milestone ~ your blog has been a great source of enjoyment for you and others, it motivated me to start blogging and a few others as well.

    I hope it always continues to bring you satisfaction!

  4. I thank you for being a spiritual respite in the catholic blogosphere. I know that when I come to the Concord Pastor I will not find a place of vitriol and division but a place of information, reflection, and a sacramental worldview.

    It takes courage to be a voice with a name on the internet, especially for a priest.

    I thank you for the time that this ministry takes and the sharing of your relationship with God and God’s creation. All that your Facebook friend shared about his marriage can be said about priesthood and discipleship in the Catholic Church.


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