Word for the Weekend: October 23

Time to ponder the scriptures we'll hear proclaimed at Mass this weekend for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Did you run and get your bible?
Now, open it to Exodus 22:20-26, 1 Thessalonians 1:5-10, and Matthew 22:34-40.

You didn't run and get your bible?
That's OK!
Click on this link for the weekend's scripture passages and background material on them!

Got kids? Then another click will take you to hints for helping children prepare to hear the Word at Mass this weekend.

The Wisdom text may be sound primitive in our own era and in our economic distress but the heart of its message is as true today as it was in its own time.  The Thessalonians piece is a continuation of that letter's salutation (the beginning of which we heard last week) and it's a gracious compliment from Paul about his readers' reputation in the faith. (Would that our faith today stood out so boldly for the world around us.) The gospel from Matthew gives us the "two great commandments," words we all know, perhaps by heart. We need to be careful lest our familiarity with them lead us to pay them insufficient attention.  To ponder these words over and over again is a virtue, not a waste of time.


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  1. thank you for this timely reminder...sometimes i find my actions - and even my thoughts - so inconsistent with what i profess to believe in, esp the loving-of-my-neighbor part.

  2. Love it! And trying to love my neighbors!

  3. I just realised that Ruth is your sister !!
    Yes, loving my "neighbours" is a huge challenge- not the ones that literally live next door ; they have a great cat so that lets them off the hook for most things-
    they have to be good to put up with me.


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