Some gifts I really need this Christmas

Homily for the First Sunday of Advent
(Scriptures for today's Mass)

At the beginning of the week I was working on an idea for my homily for this Sunday but it never seemed to gel, to come together satisfactorily.  I looked at some old First Sunday of Advent - B homilies and found one I liked and reworked it, intending to preach it.  Indeed, it was the text waiting for me at the ambo at the Saturday 5:00 Mass.  But then during the proclamation of the second scripture, my original idea crystallized in my mind and after proclaiming the gospel, I ignored my prepared, reworked text and preached what I'd been working on earlier in the week.

And that's the homily I went with for the whole weekend - without a text.  So, this week, I have only the audio to offer you.

Audio for Homily


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  1. I am lacking in many spiritual gifts...
    and on my Christmas list-
    on my Christmas letter-
    to God-
    (and to Santa, if that addition will help- and just for the record, I believe in Santa Claus too)
    the 1st thing- really the ONLY thing on my list- is LOVE.

    Yes, that's what I want for Christmas. Love.
    REAL love.
    To be able to give it AND receive it.
    To and from a person- a human being- (this feels important to specify because one could say that the love to and from God is enough-
    well, it is...
    sort of.
    so, no, I guess it is not really.
    I mean, THAT is different.
    THAT love is just in a whole different category.

    Being realistic, I don't think I am going to get my Christmas wish this year-

    I love God and I continue to pray and try to live as I think He wants me to-


    well, I wish you a peace filled Advent season...

    thank you...

  2. Thanks for this homily. It was what I needed to hear this morning.
    Helene (Ottawa, Canada)

  3. I love the way this worked out for you and the results were great.
    Trusting your gut instincts along with help from the Holy Spirit works wonders. :-))


  4. I wish I could hear it, but the link isn't working for me :(

  5. Kathi: if you're reading the post in an aggregator (like Google Reader) you won't be able to play the widget with my homily, you'll need to go to my blog. If you're trying this at my blog, I don't have another fix for you. I just tried it and it's working on my computer. Are other widgets on my blog (or others') working for you?


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