Word for the Weekend: November 27

This coming weekend brings the First Sunday of Advent, the new year of grace on the Church calendar for 2012.

Here's a good "resolution" for the new year of worship: pledge to read and pray over the scriptures each week for the coming Sunday.

You can begin right here with this weekend's readings and background material on them, for greater understanding. One of the best ways to prepare for Mass is to become familiar with the scriptures we will hear.

Got kids?  Are they fidgety during the readings at Mass?  Here's a link to helpful hints for preparing young ones to hear the Word at Mass on Sunday.  Helping your children prepare to hear the Word might help you, too!

The first scripture this weekend (Isaiah) reminds us that we are clay in the hands of God, the potter.  The second lesson promises that the grace of God will keep us irreproachable (!) in preparation for the coming of the Day of the Lord.  And in the gospel, Jesus calls us to be watchful and alert for we know not when the thief may come in the night.   Pottery, preparation and a perpetrator - read all about it at the links above!


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