Why is it so hard to let our God love us?

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Here's a prayer, so well fit for Advent.  It's from Edwina Gately.

Advent's a season for waiting and preparing for the Lord to come to us...

Can we do any less than to sit down, quietly, in the Lord's presence, and welcome his looking upon us with love?

This beautiful prayer even includes simple instructions...

Be silent. 

Be still. 

Wait before your God. 

Say nothing. 

Ask nothing. 

Be still. 

Let your God look upon you. 

That is all. 

God knows. 

God understands. 

God loves you with an enormous love. 

God only wants to look upon you with love. 




Let your God love you.


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  1. I don't know why it is so hard to let our God love us? For me it's because I do not always love myself, so how can God love me when I have so many flaws and I should know better. I can fool others, but He knows it all. He knows that I am not as well put together as others might see me since I try so hard to present that way.

    I know that God loves me so deeply and when I let him in I can feel his arms blanketing around me. Why do I not always welcome that?

    This is a wonderful prayer. Thank you for sharing.



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