Lift me up, Lord!

LIft Me Up by Amy S Turner

Why is it, Lord,
that I so quickly perceive the problem,
remember the hurt,
rehearse the pain,
dwell on the negative,
fret in my fear
and nourish my anxieties?

Why, Lord,
am I so slow to see your grace,
treasure past joys,
celebrate every healing,
ponder your truth,
lean on your strength,
and place my troubled heart
in your open, loving hands?

Lift me up, Lord,
out of all that keeps me down.
Open my eyes to see
the beauty of your face.
Lift my hands and heart
to you in prayer.
Open my ears
to the voice of your Spirit within.
Touch my mind and heart
where I most need your healing.
Open my mouth
to sing your praise.
Remind me, every day,
of my joys and blessings,
old and new.
Give me strength to live
one day, one hour at a time.

Lift me up, Lord,
out of all that keeps me down
and let my spirit find its joy
in you and in your love.


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