Monday Morning Offering - 178

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

This Monday morning I'm wondering, Lord,
What if... ?

What if I accepted all the love you offer me?
How would I, how would my relationships,
change and grow?

What if I surrendered to the truth of your Word?
How would my thinking change,
and my decisions and choices?

What if I stopped, listened and heard what you ask of me?
What would I do differently?
What new turns might my path take?

What if I saw you in every face I meet?
How would my day change? my plans?
With whom would I my spend time?

What if I named my sins and prayed for your mercy?
How would I see others' faults in light of my own?
How would your forgiveness mend my heart?

What if I put others' needs ahead of my own all day long?
How would my priorities readjust?
How would you call me to serve my neighbor?

What if I bared my soul to your healing touch?
What joy would fill my heart?
And how would I share my joy with others?

What if I walked only the path you map out for me?
Where would you lead me? Where would I go?
Who and what would I leave behind?

What if I offered you all I have, all I want, all I need?
What would you do with me, Lord?

What if I asked to be recreated in your Spirit?
What would you do with me, Lord?

What if I truly opened my mind and heart and welcomed you in:
what would you do with me, Lord?

That I might come to know what you would do,
I offer myself into your hands:
do with me this day as you will...

For whatever you do, Lord, I thank you:
make me ready for whatever you ask
and open me to receive all you give me
this morning, this day and through the week ahead...


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  1. I admit, I love poems. I seldom see nice poems in the net now. And if I could see one, I really give time to read it.


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