Working on your New Year's resolutions?

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No, I'm not going to reveal my New Year's resolution(s) here but I did share something about this with a brother priest a few days ago and in our conversation he reminded me of one of the 12 Step slogans, Do The Next Right Thing (DTNRT).

It's only January 3 but I've already found it helpful to keep the DTNRT refrain in mind.  When facing options that involve my resolution(s), DTNRT pops into my consciousness and immediately I'm confronted with what I know is the right thing to do - even it it's the more difficult, seemingly impossible thing to do.  And it helps to have a light shine on the path that leads where I know I truly want to go.

Making changes in our lives is sometimes difficult to do precisely because we're so practiced, so good at ignoring or avoiding or just plain failing to see what's the better, healthier, desired choice - which is sometimes, even often, just the choice the Lord calls us to make.

So I pass this bit of advice on to any who are working on resolutions, trying to make changes, or simply at a loss for knowing what to do next: do the next right thing!


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