Praying every day in Lent 2012

Beginning on Ash Wednesday, you'll find a daily Lenten post on prayer here. The posts will center around the verse inscribed on the Cross above: Be still and know that I am God...

The aim of these posts will be to call each of us to prayer and to offer some seeds or prayer starters to help us quiet down and know that God is with us.

I'm suggesting that each of us spends 10 minutes a day in prayer...  Only 10 minutes? Would it be OK to spend more time in prayer each day?  Of course!  But for many, Lent will be a time to return to prayer and a modest, doable beginning might be just the right start.  (It's good to take care we don't set ourselves up for failure!)

As noted on the sidebar, the "pocket Cross" above will be given to folks in my parish on Ash Wednesday and on the First Sunday of Lent as a Lenten "reminder."  Would you like to have one?  Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: Concord Pastor, 55 Church Street, Concord, Ma  01742

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