Monday Morning Offering - 179

Image: George Mendoza

Quite a week behind me, Lord,
but you know all about that
so details aren’t important here…

How easily I can be thrown off balance, Lord!

just when things seem so steady and secure,
I’m knocked off my pins,
weaving between surety and doubt,
wondering if what I’m sure is true is true…

Do I trust what should be trusted?
Is my faithfulness real or imagined?
Are my judgments right or wrong?

An unsettling time it was, Lord,
with worry renting space
in my head and heart and gut…

But clouds give way to light, Lord,
and troubled waters calmed
as I turned to you for peace
when peace was hard to find…

For your grace over the past week,
I thank you, Lord…

For friends who listen and support,
who understand and counsel,
who coach and challenge,
I thank you, Lord…

For your breath upon my soul,
reminding me of your presence,
refreshing joyful memories
and opening me to new blessings,
I thank you, Lord…

For your love that roots me
in you and in my ministry,
I thank you, Lord…

For making steady my faltering steps,
for lifting me up when I fall,
for showing me the path to walk,
I thank you, Lord…

Shine the light of your truth
upon the whole of my life, Lord:
show me the weaknesses I hide from
and reveal the strength I’m slow to claim…

Strengthen me in my faith
and open me to all the ways
I need to grow and change…

I offer you the week past, Lord,
with the hope and prayer I’ve learned from it
and grown in the gifts of your Spirit…

Keep me mindful of those who cross my path
having their own difficult days and weeks
and if I might comfort or challenge them,
give me the words to speak and love to share…

Such is my prayer this morning, Lord:
keep me faithful to you through this day
and through the week ahead…


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