Word for the Weekend: March 4

Abraham and Isaac: sculpture by George Segal

It's time to begin preparing to hear the readings at Mass this weekend.  There's no better way to prepare for celebrating the Sunday liturgy than by praying ahead of time over the scriptures we'll hear proclaimed that day.  (And it makes for a very good resolution!)

Readings and background material for the Second Sunday of Lent are here and hints for helping children to prepare to hear the Lord's word are here.

The contemporary rendering of Abraham and Isaac in the Segal sculpture above heightens the immediacy of this weekend's startling story. (Click on the image for a larger version)

This Sunday's first lesson offers the Genesis story of Abraham and Isaac which we'll hear again at the Easter Vigil. In either setting - it's not easy to listen to or to understand! The second lesson, from Romans, offers a theological reflection on God's not sparing his own Son - recalling immediately the Genesis text and the meaning we find in the story of Isaac and his loving father. And, as is the case every year, the gospel for the Second Sunday of Lent is an account of the transfiguration of Christ.



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