A year with an extra day

So, 2012 is a leap year.

This means there are 366 days in this year - an extra day!

I don't altogether understand how this works but as someone who often feels he doesn't have enough time to do everything he needs and wants to do, I'm not one to turn up his nose at the gift of an extra day.

And you have an extra day, too!

February 29 is the extra day on this year's calendar but I believe we might treat it as a moveable feast or as a "vacation day" we might take at our leisure and convenience.  (And, like some vacation days, this extra day isn't one we can transfer to 2013!)
When you will take advantage of 2012's extra day?

What will you do with it?

How will you spend it?

Will your work or play on your extra day?

With whom will you share it?

Think about it: we've all got an extra day this year...

Have a good day!


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