The Deer's Cry

You'll find on my page neither corned beef and cabbage nor any green beer!

Any leprechaun found dancing about came here of his own accord and not at my bidding.

But do enjoy this musical setting of the Lorica of St. Patrick: The Deer's Cry.

H/T to SM for the link!


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Thomas Cox said...

Thanks Austin for that. It is also considered as one of Shaun Davey's finest works and well above "Hail Glorious St. Patrick"!
You may find the following of interest- particularly the story of an Irish person who died in America.

Austin Fleming said...

Thanks, Tom - and thanks for that link. Readers: some fine food for thought's to be had if you follow Tom's link!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful video. The ending was very moving.

Enjoyed the link to Irish emigration/immigration.