Word for the Weekend: March 11

Christ drives the money changers from the temple - El Greco

The Third Sunday of Lent is ahead of us and the scriptures for this weekend, along with background materials, can be found right here.

(If your parish is baptizing adults at the Easter Vigil and thus celebrating the Scrutinies this weekend, you'll be using the A readings and will want to check here.)

If you're bringing youngsters with you to Mass this weekend, some helpful hints for them are at this site.

The gospel this weekend, from John, brings us to the temple where Jesus drives out the money changers and those selling animals for ritual sacrifice. This passage in John sets the Passover scene for the suffering and death of the Lord.

The first lesson is from Exodus and recounts for us the 10 Commandments while the passage from Paul is a nugget of Christology rich in its imagery.

Is there a better way to prepare for Mass than to read and ponder the scriptures ahead of time?

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