7th and 8th Graders on Religious Education

One of the catechists who teaches 7th and 8th graders in my parish asked his students last week to submit on an index card one thing they've learned in class this year and one thing they'd like to learn more about.  

I found the responses interesting and revealing (as did the catechist) and thought you might be interested, too.

One Thing I Learned....
10 Commandments (4)
To always look up to God
The names of some saints
Learned about God, Jesus and how Christianity works
Learned about  Jesus and God in more depth
Learned about the meaning of Easter
I learned about bullying
Religious stuff
I learned that there are saints for every letter of the alphabet
I learned what to do in case of harassment
I learned about the virtues
Saints, 10 commandments, virtues
Cardinal virtues (3)
Saints and why some of them are saints
That goldfish taste really good (weekly snack!)
Saint Margaret
There are over 10,000 Saints (2)
I learned about some famous Saints

One Thing I'd Like to Learn More About...
Difference between Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit
Nothing (2)
Why is there a Bible
I want to learn about how people get from earth to heaven 
     and where heaven actually is...
What happens when we die
I want to learn more about the books of the bible
I want to learn more about sins
I wanna learn about God
More about early stories, crucifixion and resurrection
Learn more about Jesus
I want to learn more about Saints
More about the Bible, because we only looked at it a couple times
I would like to learn more about the important teachings of Jesus
More about holidays


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  1. One cartoon I read in the daily Globe is "Boffo," a one-frame strip. Occasionally, there will be a tag line "Unclear on the Concept." When I read the answer to "What Was One Thing You Learned This Year," "That goldfish taste really good," "Boffo" came to mind!

    I did like the answer to "What Would You Like to Learn More About" that asked how you got from earth to heaven and where exactly was heaven. I'd like to know the answer to that myself!



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