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I've begun writing occasional reflections for Give Us This Day, a new publication from Liturgical PressGive Us This Day is:
A new, personal prayer periodical from Liturgical Press: a trusted publisher of liturgy, Scripture, and spirituality founded by the Benedictines of Saint John's Abbey in 1926.

Deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition, Give Us This Day is about prayer: praying daily, praying well, praying with confidence.
Give Us This Day supports your desire to establish prayer as a part of your life, enhancing your existing practices and deepening your encounter with God by providing:
  • A practical approach to daily prayer
  • Prayers and readings for daily Mass
  • Daily prayer, Morning and Evening
  • A reflection on the Scriptures for each day
Take a peek inside a typical monthly issue here.

Give Us This Day is edited by Mary Stommes, assisted by editorial advisors: Fr. James Martin, SJ; Bishop Robert Morneau; Kathleen Norris, Sr. Irene Nowell, OSB, Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, OP; and Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, OMI.

Give Us This Day is available in three editions: standard print, large print and digital. You can subscribe here.


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  1. Just found my way to your blog today via the blog address at the bottom of today's reflection in Give Us This Day. Looking forward to reading more!


  2. I love "Give Us This Day." It has enriched my daily prayer and the reflections are outstanding.

  3. Congratulations Austin !
    I am delighted that your writing can reach to so many more people in addition to your well established and excellent blog.

    My own parish does not get Give Us This Day in the UK but I'll try and persuade our priest yet again to get some in!!
    ( The individual overseas digital/web subscription is near $80 for 12 issues.)


  4. I read today's reflection in Give Us This Day thinking how terrific it was. What a pleasant surprise to realize after I finished it that you are contributing to Give Us This Day!
    Thank you!

  5. I left a comment yesterday but it seems to have got lost.

    Anyway, the gist of it was Congratulations.I'm delighted that you have a new platform to share your excellent writing from, in addition to your blog.

  6. Before you go all in on a venture sponsored by St. John's, you might want to visit this site:


    Given your outspoken opposition to clerical abuse, this could factor into your decision.


  7. Dear Austin
    I am delighted that you are taking this step. God knows it will add to your workload but on the other hand an immense "parish" of readers beckon.
    Now I best get back to penning articles for July/August for St. Paul's Publications here in Ireland.
    Every blessing

    Tom Cox
    Ferbane Parish

  8. Thanks, Tom! As I said in my post here, I'm writing occasional reflections. It won't be a heavy addition to my work. Can you send a link to the publication you're writing for?


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