Monday Morning Offering - 192

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I’m grateful for your gift last week, Lord,
when, through the prism of a moment at Mass,
the story and grace of the past 18 years
shone brightly in colors seen more clearly in my heart
than with my eyes…

In that moment, Lord, I saw with surety
what you’ve been doing among your people
in good times and in bad, in joy and in sorrow
and the share you’ve offered me in the work you do…

In that moment I knew without a doubt
that your hand's been guiding our lives of faith,
shaping us to be your people,
blessing our work with your Spirit’s anointing even,
and especially, in times when I might have wondered
where you were,
what you were doing,
what you were asking of us…

In the music of that moment, Lord,
I heard your voice confirming your presence
among and within us
and I heard your Word calling us
to be your people and take up the work
the Gospel enjoins on us…

I thank you, Lord, for this epiphany
and the consolation and strength
it brought to my heart…

I thank you for opening my eyes to see
and my heart to know
your abiding presence, reminding me
that there's never a moment when you're not by my side
with your crook and your staff to give me comfort…

I thank you for letting me see as you see
how your Spirit moves in ways
not immediately perceived
and with power so gentle that years might pass
before we see how your hand
has made us who we are…

I thank you Lord and pray I'll not miss
such moments of grace and vision as they come:
slow me down and open my heart
to receive what you offer;
free me to rejoice when your Spirit lifts me
above my doubts and fear
to see how wonderful and great
is the work of your hand…

Show me your face, Lord,
and let me see this day and through this week
the power of your Spirit and the gift of your presence...


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