They've got that JOY down in their hearts!

First Communion celebrations are always joyful occasions!  We've had 6 of 7 celebrations for 91 children.  Here are a few photos from this season in my parish.

Introducing one of our First Communicants to the assembly at Mass...
Photo by www.dupontmediaworld.com

Five of the First Communicants bring forward the gifts for the Eucharist...
Photo by www.dupontmediaworld.com

Following the prayer after Communion, the children gather at the altar to sing, "I've Got That Joy, Joy, Joy!"
Photo by www.dupontmediaworld.com


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  1. These are terrific photos- they really do convey such joy and energy and brighten the heart. What a great way to share the joy brought to these youngsters and your community and all of us through the immense gift of their first Eucharist.

  2. Maureen WindmoellerMay 16, 2012 at 11:13 PM

    Wow, these are all great but the one with you and the kinds and the guitar is priceless. What a beautiful memory you created for those children and their parents. They are blessed to have you as pastor.


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