The view from your window...

Photo by MS

These wonderful blossoms, above and below, are from a reader who took the time to stop, appreciate and share the beauty around her...  Thanks, MS!

Photo by MS


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michelle said...

thank you for sharing my pictures...

the thing that you and others don't know, is just how much I NEEDED to stop, and really look at, and appreciate, the beauty around me-
and this includes the little children I work with-
I took pictures of them too, on this walk on Friday...
(and I am printing them out tonight- some to share with their parents- some to make into magnets for our little classroom refrigerator- (I made some alphabet magnets last summer and they proved to be one of the favorite things of all the babies)
-so, I am expanding on that with photo magnets of them and mirror magnets (they LOVE to look at themselves- I can't blame them, they ARE beautiful)

...and yesterday (Saturday) I found myself stopping when I saw some other roses-
their scent stopped me-
I had to get closer and really smell them-

it helped...
for a moment.

thank you, again.

Austin Fleming said...

You're very welcome!