And on the fifth day...

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Gonna take a little time off, once a week...

A while back I posted about the Sabbath in our lives and our need for it. As you know, the Sabbath is hardly a day off on my schedule.  In some ways, Saturday and Sunday can be the most demanding days of my week and there's little I can do to change that.  Thursday, however, is a day off for me and I've decided to make it more of a mid-week sabbath for myself.

As part of my "sabbath" I won't be posting on Thursdays - beginning tomorrow, June 28 .  (And I won't be double-posting on Wednesdays to make up the difference!)

Writing this page is a joy and taking a day off from blogging may not be easy at first.  My purpose here is to make room and time for other joys and for some "sabbath" rest. And I'm looking forward to that.

For a few weeks I'll remind you on Wednesdays of this change in my schedule.

And if, on a Thursday, you're looking for some hints for daily prayer, you can always look to the sidebar archives for Praying 10 Minutes Today and for Monday Morning Offerings.


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  1. Enjoy your mid-week sabbath. Much deserved!


  2. I like your approach for "sabbath" rest....and wisdom.

  3. even though I will miss the post ...I am glad for your mid-week Sabbath.

    enjoy it.

  4. Don't know how you do it on a daily basis anyway! Enjoy your day off from posting! Thanks again!

  5. I will be thinking of and praying for you...

    thank you for all of your help with praying and so much more...

  6. Enjoy your well deserved sabbtath.



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