Loving God in little ways

Indy Bishop Chris Coyne preached the homily yesterday at the opening Mass of the Catholic Media Conference being held in Indianpolis. Here's his closing thought (emphasis added):
Finally, my last point: I offer a special saint in the teachings and person of one of the great doctors of the Church, St. Terese of Lisieux and her “little way” for us communicators who serve the prophetic mission of the Church. I would like to see her become the patron saint of the new social communications because she offers in her “little way” a way for us to keep our work in focus. In her "Little Way" she tells us to first live out our days with confidence in God's love and to recognize that each day is a gift in which one’s life can make a difference by the way you choose to live it. Out of this comes the admonition to see every little task or moment in life as an opportunity to make concrete the love of God. Think about that in terms of what we do. Every news story, every video, every blog post, every tweet or email or response to comment boxes can become an opportunity to manifest God’s love if we commit ourselves to loving. I will love God and others in the little moments of my work. I will spread the good news through one kind act, one loving response, one at a time, in the name of Christ. I choose to communicate that love right now in this moment and in the concrete and isn’t that truly speaking the truth of God’s love as prophets named by God, missioned to the kingdom, and empowered by the Spirit of love.
(Read the whole homily here.)


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