Monday Morning Offering - 195

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Until today I didn’t know how much I’ve needed
warm and sunny days and soft breezes to remind me
how you move and whisper here and there
and everywhere I go…

I’ve opened my home to June’s clean, sweet air
and wonder now about my heart's windows:
your Spirit rustling ‘round, wanting to open
what’s been too long closed and kept from light of day…

My windows might be stuck shut, locked,
waiting to fly open to welcome your Spirit
sent to fill my heart, to fan what brings me hope,
to stir my soul to life...

So I offer you the windows of my heart
and pray you’ll open what I keep tightly closed.
Give me strength to break what seals me in
and keeps me down: let me breathe and rise again…

Exhaling praise and thanks, I offer you
this day in June, so fine and clear.
Bless my heart’s desires, Lord, with grace
to share with all whose paths cross mine today...

Receive my prayer this morning, Lord,
and through the week ahead…


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