Monday Morning Prayer - 194

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I come this morning, Lord,
with an offering of thanks and praise
for all the gifts that are mine:
gifts I so often, so easily, take for granted...

There are such good people in my life every day,
folks I live with, work with, talk to, meet with,
email, text and call -
people who are there for me all the time,
even when we're out of touch,
people who care about me, always...

I sometimes forget them, Lord,
and take them for granted, failing to see
how much they love me...

For all these wonderful people, Lord,
I give you thanks and praise
and pray you'll make me more attentive
to their presence and the blessing they are for me...

My wish list of things I want runs long, Lord
and my jealousy at seeing what others have
can be very green...

When I take for granted everything I do have, Lord,
when I forget to count my blessings,
then I fail to see how what's already mine
is so much more important, more valuable,
than the toys and gadgets, large and small,
my heart's so set on having...

I give you thanks and praise, Lord,
for all I have, for all that's right in my lap,
in my heart and in my arms already...
Let me never fail to see in how many ways
I have so much more than I need...

I have so much, Lord,
for which I owe you thanks and praise:
I have my faith in you and in the mercy
you never fail to offer when I need your healing touch...
I have hope, Lord, that even when all seems lost,
you are there with me and for me and will never leave my side...
And I have love, Lord:
your love for me that never ends;
the love I have to share with others;
and the love that others offer me,
their hearts to mine...

For the faith, love and hope I have, Lord,
I give you thanks and praise...

Help me to share with others
what you have shared with me...

In the week ahead, Lord, help me not take for granted
the people, the gifts and the blessings that are mine,
all come from your generous hand..

When my mood or selfishness,
my anger or disappointment blind me
to all I have and all you offer me, Lord,
open my eyes to see the simple gifts, the old gifts,
the lasting gifts, the saving gifts, the greatest gifts I have
and give me a grateful heart to treasure them
and thank you and all from whom they come...

Open my heart to the poor, Lord, and any around me
whose needs I might help serve and fill:
make me generous in sharing with others
what you and others have generously shared with me...

Let me take not one day for granted,
not one hour, not one person,
not a single blessing or gift...

Thanks and praise for all I have, Lord:
that's my offering this morning, this day
and through the week ahead...


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