Quick prayer at a turning point

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In my ministry I often meet folks who are facing big decisions and turning points in their lives and who go back and forth, considering different options and choices. We sometimes need something to dislodge us from our indecision and set us on this road or that one. 

When someone asks my advice, I generally refrain from indicating "which way to go" unless one choice or another is unhealthy.  Once a choice has been made, I'll offer my support but the choosing must be owned by the one discerning.

For just such moments, though, I believe Alden Solovy's newest prayer is just right! I'm especially taken by the wisdom in the four lines that include a plea for God's guidance, for trust in one's own discernment, for an embrace of what's not yet known and for a spirit of adventure with which to face the future and move ahead.  That's a powerful combination to help someone take that first step past deliberation.

Quick Prayer at a Turning Point

Holy one,
Grant me wisdom and grace
As I make choices
That will change the rhythm of my life
And the pattern of my days.
Bless me with the ability to
Listen for Your guidance,
Trust my decisions,
Embrace the unknown
And rejoice in the adventure.

Blessed are You, Source of strength,
Let these choices become blessings
Of health and prosperity,
Of happiness and service,
For me and everyone I touch.

© 2012 Alden Solovy and ToBendLight


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