The smallest of all seeds on the earth...

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The kingdom of God, is like a mustard seed that, 
when it is sown in the ground,
is the smallest of all the seeds on the earth.
But once it is sown, 

it springs up and becomes the largest of plants
and puts forth large branches,
so that the birds of the sky can dwell in its shade.

This weekend my parish goes to its summer Mass schedule with just two liturgies on Sunday morning.  Since two of my deacons are preaching and a visiting priest will be here for one Mass, this is one of those rare weekends when I won't be preaching.  Not having a homiletic mindset for the coming Lord's Day truly makes a difference in the days before it.  Earlier in the week I felt somewhat free to be relieved of preparing a homily but as the day draws near, I wish I were preaching!

It's not too late for you (or me!) to read and ponder the Word we'll hear proclaimed this weekend at Mass for the Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time.

The scriptures and brief commentary on them, plus hints for helping children prepare to hear the Word, can all be found at this earlier post.


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