A prayer for frustrated Catholics

On the sidebar here (look for the red votive candle) there's a link to a Prayer for Frustrated Catholics, written by James Martin, SJ.

"Frustrated" would be one of many adjectives I'd use to describe my faith experience, although it's not the chief or most important descriptor of my Catholic life.

(So, what is the best descriptor of my Catholic life?  That would be: grateful!  How about you?  What one word best describes your life as a Catholic?)

If frustration is part of your Catholic experience, you might find Fr. Martin's prayer helpful.  In addition to the text format at the sidebar link, it's now available in the video above.


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  1. Thank you for posting this. I am indeed frustrated with the Church and I remind myself daily that I can say "We are the Church." Sometimes it's difficult to claim ones place as women and men of the Church. Recently a friend and I were discussing our frustration and our sense of betrayal and she reminded of something that I try to remember when the frustration gets too bad: "God is still God!"


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