A little sabbath time...

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Takin' a little time off, once a week...

A while back I posted about the Sabbath in our lives and our need for it. As you know, the Sabbath is hardly a day off on my schedule.  In some ways, Saturday and Sunday can be the most demanding days of my week and there's little I can do to change that.  Thursday, however, is a day off for me and I've decided to make it more of a mid-week sabbath for myself.

As part of my "sabbath" I'm no longer posting on Thursdays.  (And I won't be double-posting on Wednesdays to make up the difference!)

Writing this page is a joy and taking a day off from blogging isn't easy.  My purpose here is to make room and time for other joys and for some "sabbath" rest. And I'm looking forward to that.

For a few weeks I'll remind you on Wednesdays of this change in my schedule.

And if, on a Thursday, you're looking for some hints for daily prayer, you can always look to the sidebar archives for Praying 10 Minutes Today and for Monday Morning Offerings.


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  1. I hope and pray you had a good day today-
    you are in my thoughts and prayers- and I'm sure, in many others also-


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