Happy 42nd Anniversary!

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Please join me in wishing Ruth and Bob (my sister and brother-in-law) a happy 42nd anniversary of their marriage!

And while you're at it, you might visit my sister's blog, Keeping Me in Stitches which will be of special interest to those who knit and quilt and sew.

A Wedding Blessing

May almighty God, with his Word of blessing,
unite your hearts in the never-ending bond of pure love.

May your children bring you happiness,
and may your generous love for them be returned to you,
many times over.

May the peace of Christ live always in your hearts and in your home.
May you have true friends to stand by you, both in joy and in sorrow.

May you be ready and willing to help and comfort
all who come to you in need.
And may the blessings promised to the compassionate
be yours in abundance.

May you find happiness and satisfaction in your work.
May daily problems never cause you undue anxiety,
nor the desire for earthly possessions dominate your lives.
But may your hearts’ first desire be always the good things
waiting for you in the life of heaven.

May the Lord bless you with many happy years together,
so that you may enjoy the rewards of a good life.
And after you have served him loyally in his kingdom on earth,
may he welcome you to his eternal kingdom in heaven.


- From the Rite of Marriage


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  1. Happy, happy Anniversary Ruthie & Bob.....just a little belated. I am late reading Austin's blog!
    Hope you celebrated well.


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