I thank God for a warm summer's day...

Image: MacJams

I thank God for something as simple as a warm summer's day
and for time, plenty of time, to sit in the sun, at the shore,
soaking in the warmth of the heart of the solar system,
hoping that as the sun seeped into my body
so the very heat of God's presence might permeate
the marrow of my soul...

And I thank God for the constant, gentle breezes
sweeping over bared flesh, spiriting me to prayer,
reminding me of God's gentle approach...

I thank God for Yo Yo Ma,
as if he were sitting by my car parked hard by the shore's edge,
playing Bach's unaccompanied cello suites:
the digital mystery of dashboard music
floating over Kalmus Beach just for me -- and for any passersby...

I thank God for the cello's voice
sounding as much within as around me,
drawing me deeper into my heart's destinations
where, without the strings' Siren voice,
I might not dare to tread...

The bow draws on strings
and carries me down the canyons of my soul,
sure-footed, heart-burdened,
on a journey I'd not make alone...

Or those same strings on eagle's wings
might swoop and lift my soul from sheltered heights
to dangered depths that I might meet you, Lord,
and there, sins seen and fears faced,
soar aloft again: forgiven, healed and saved...

I thank you God for something as simple as a warm afternoon
and time, plenty of time, to sit at the shore
and soak in the heat of your presence, the warmth of your love
and the surety that even as the sun burns in August skies,
so, always, are you with me...


(Adapted, reposted, from last summer)

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