Late night, mid-August dining

Photo by CP

I'm on vacation and within easy driving distance of one my favorite restaurants, Embargo, a tapas and martini spot in Hyannis.

My first course this evening (above) was a ceviche of scallops and lobster, prepared in lime with a pico de gallo salsa. The dish rested on a crispy red tortilla chip - perfect!

How good was it?  After polishing this off, I reordered it!

I followed this up with a serving of Mahi Mahi tacos: in two soft taco shells, a hearty mix of fish and the spicy flavors of lime cabbage slaw and feta cheese, accompanied by a sweet slice of grilled pineapple.

With a beverage or two and very fine service, this was a most pleasant evening!


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  1. Someday I will have to go to the Cape and eat at Embargo- you have made it sound so good over the years. Someday I will also have to try cerviche- like your homily about not eating cerviche, I have never eaten it because I "think" I won't like it, but scallops and lobster yum!!

    Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy all the sensations that it offers.



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