Word for the Weekend: September 2

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Can you believe this coming Sunday has a September date? I don't want to believe it's this late in the summer! 

(N.B., it's late in the summer, not the end of summer!)

September 2 is the Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time. You'll find the scriptures for the day and background material on them right here and if you're shepherding youngsters to church you might want to look here for help in preparing kids to hear the Word.

Last Sunday concluded our summer interlude of passages from the Bread of Life discourse in John's gospel. This week we're back to St. Mark and we find Jesus teaching about the contrast between interior and exterior purity of mind, heart and intention. The first lesson (Deuteronomy) prepares us to hear the Christ's message through the words of Moses who's instructing the Israelites on the gift of the law and the necessity of observing it carefully - that they might live and not die.

The second lesson, from the letter of James, contains some very powerful words and ties to the other two texts here: "Be doers of the word and not hearers only, deluding yourselves..."

These are not easy scriptures to hear!  Brace yourself for them by clicking on those links above and spending some time with them before Mass this weekend.


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