Physician assisted suicide on the ballot on Nov 6

This video presents Cardinal Sean O'Malley's remarks in a recent webinar on physician assisted suicide, which question will be on the ballot in Massachusetts on November 6 this year.  The ballot question will appear under the dubious title, "Act Relative to Death with Dignity."  Voters will do well to read ahead of time the complete text of the act as it will appear on the ballot.

Here's the Cardinal's introduction to the video from his blog:
(In the webinar) we discussed several concerns with the proposed law. We began with reasons why those who are concerned with the dignity of life and advocates for those with disabilities would be likely to oppose this ballot initiative. Second, we addressed the many flaws in the way the proposed law is written. And thirdly, we spoke about concerns that this is not an appropriate way to make legislation on such a complex issue. Rather than having the legislature study this issue and hold debates and hearings, many voters are likely to make their decision based on sound bites and snippets of information they have heard from both sides.
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